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OFFICIAL Top 7 State of Mind songs! The songs were picked by the Official Officers of the Office for Top Songs by Artist. (HEAVY DNB YEAH!)



Sun King [opens in new window ;)]


Zardonic & Messinian - Survive (State of Mind)


Breed (Makes me want to skydive)


The following songs are probably in my Drum and Bass Top 20 as well I guess.



No Operative (The drop explodes in your face like *instert heavy blowing object here*)


Bigger Faster Stronger 

someone please make a video of machines being built with this song.

I shat in my pantaloons.

(@4:01, nice)





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Wreckage - Very Good Big Beat, here it is.

I decided to write about one hella good breaks album by Overseer (never heard of him? its ok.) Doesnt matter if you are a dancer, a pothead or simple a guy with very good taste in music, this album is the SHIT. 


1. Slayed

Starting with a real slow break melody (badass style, reminding me on Bjoerks song with that Led Zepellin sample.) with harsh analog sounding synths (or a very strange asskiller guitar). The song continues with raplines, I wont really give my opinion on the rap, since I didnt even read the lyrics and Im not that good at judging rap. Good track in general, makes you wanna go outside and kick someone in the back.

2. Stompbox

Ok, this track is just badass. It fits to everything related to action, adrenaline, badassness, good ass commercials and more action. If I had to pick a song describing modern badass Big Beat, this would it be. Buy it, for real. BUY IT. The songs includes nice guitar riffs, aggresive synths and adrenaline in form of sound.

3. Supermoves

Fasten your seatbelts, another big beat monster incoming. This one supposenly appeared in a Matrix Trailer, or thats at least what I remember. How the fuck do I get drum loops and samples like the ones used in this song… FUCK

4. Velocity Shift

This one has the “commercial vibe”, can be used for a motorola commercial… WAIT it was used for a motorola commercial.

This is the music that is supposed to be sounding on the new car race games like Need For Speed and stuff. Enjoy that “Fatboy Slim” bass melody.

5. Horndog

Fu..fu..fu… HIT ME WITH THE HORNDOG! Dont sweat it, time to test it! The vocals are catchy as herpes. Not really much to say about it. Same bassline styles, big beats stomping, a song for the family and humanity.

7. Aquaplane

Explain this please… Ultra mega deep trip hop, its like everything is on slowmotion. Hell fucking yeah! Grab your pipe and pretend you are cool. Everything in this one is hellaaaa slow and catchy. Has style and keeps it smooth. 100% Must

8. Dooms(fking)day

Big Beat + Rap = Eargasm

This is the song you listen to when you kidnapped morpheus and the world is ending and the fucking monsters from Pacific Ream appear and James Bond gets to fuck again. 

Just listen to it and you will see what I mean. Again, the drum samples, gosh babab.

9. Basstrap

Another commercial sounding track and guess what ITS FUCKING AMYL HOUSE BABY, KEEP IT REAL. not giving any fucks about the “isnt that the music from playstation 1 race games?” Acid bassline on this house, back once again. *cough* yeah, trust me when I tell you this song is fun to use as background music for anything.

BIMBUMBAM Conclusion

Music: 10/10  Must have big beat/breaks/trip hop album, very satisfied with the genres. Besides this guy knows how to produce, period.

Artwork: 4/5 

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Overseer - Aquaplane 

If you smoke weed, thought about smoking it or anything related to that, make sure you listen to this song. Has been a longtime favorite since a very young age, probably first Trip Hop tune I liked.

Make sure to use good speakers! Enjoy


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Random Access Memories and other french stuff.

I decided not to make a review about Daft Punks new album, because I couldnt make it through the Album. You can clearly feel the lack of samples in the songs and that lack of electro-feeling Daft Punk used to have. Lots of fans expected a second “Discovery”. WRONG, Get Lucky, made us believe something like that, but nah the album is something totally new. That doesnt mean fresh though, I get bored really quick with most of the tunes and the talkbox didnt make it any better. (Its over guys). Sick ass colaborations, but nothing mind blowing. 

On the other side, I discovered Fred Falkes “Part IV” album. And enjoyed it a lot, everything sounds so fresh (even if some tunes have that old “Modjo” sound.) If you are looking for French Electro, throw your fresh copy of Daft Punks new album away and listen to Part IV. Its like putting James Pants and French Vibes into a blender. Have a drink.

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DJ Fresh feat. Diplo. At the end, everything turns into bullshit nowdays. 

Today DJ Fresh released with Diplo and Dominique Young Unique (never heard of her) a new single… I really had a little bit of expection (knowing that DJ Fresh has been going down since “Hot Right Now”.) Sadly we dont even get confronted with a drum and bass tune, nope… Seems like DJ Fresh is changing his genre to a little bit more mainstreamed focused thing. And at the same time losing his older fans that listened to “Kryptonite” and “Escape from planet monday” ( has it that named?). Same thing happened with Sub Focus too, damn ittttttttt! Yeah I get it, changing styles isnt a bad thing, but Michael Jackson didnt turn into a Heavy Metal band! Drastic genre changes can hardly affect fans, people! *insert crying here* Shit happens


Kryptonite”, yo son this is some real shit.

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Justice with “Access All Arenas” Live Album

Fresh from Ed Banger Records, we get Justices second Live Album (A Cross the Universe, was the first one released in 2008). Starting with  the beginning of Toccata e Fuga played on a harsh synth sound we get confronted with the beginning of Genesis (seems to be a good song for starting a concert or an album just like ”” does.) From that point its hard to stop moving your feet, because this Album is filled with Justices best motivating tracks (Including tunes from “”, “Audio, Video , Disco.” and of course our enjoyable single “D.A.N.C.E”)

To the tracklist:

All mixes are very well done and there tons of variations (especially, the drums, yes the drums are different in some of the tunes) to find in the songs, what makes the use of Ableton kind of obvious! Makes me totally want to go to a Justice concert, they are actually making something up there on the stage! If you have never checked out Justice before and you really are into Electronic Swaggy music, then check it out (although its hard not know Justice, expect if you are a total mainstream cunt or if you think everything that includes electronic sounds is for homosexuals, even though every of your hiphop tracks includes electro sounds.)

The concert “ends” with “Audio, Video , Disco” in a really annoying way if you ask me, loops loops loops. But well, better than just pressing the stop botton on Ableton. But wait, thats not all, after the “Encore” the show goes “On’n’On” (hehe) and it finishes with “Phantom II”. The final could have been better, I mean there are better songs you can finish with. “Phantom II” is a powerfull track, no doubt, but if you really want to penetrate into your audience hearts, let the best for the end! I really had enough with the “D.A.N.C.E” and ”We are your friends” acapellas, but well its just my opinion. And there is another proof that Justice is more than just play pressing. 


What can I say, the album sounds great, great mix and variations (not just a sequence of songs with the audience screaming in the background). Totally recommended if you are into good Electronic music acts. No surprise they were inMixmags Top 20 best live acts EVAH. 

Morpheus gives the album a 8/10 (Finger Lickin Good! Beastie Boys reference here). Im not really judging the songs by themselfs, I will do that on a studio album review. (So dont come here saying, 8/10? They are better than that!) Definitly worth listening to it, very original as always and with the best of the best tracks. I missed “DVNO” though, but yeah, songs with much vocals arent really the best thing to play in a Electronic music concert. 

Weed Song: Audio, Video, Disco 

Happy song and a mindfuckingblowing ending. 

Album Cover: There isnt much thing you can put in a live album. The crowd and the title, classic. Just the necessary, I wont be hard with it. 7/10.

Releasing the penultimate song of the album, nice idea for making you go crazy after long waiting! 

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Knife Partys Haunted House (EP) Bahm!


OK OK OK OK ALL CALM DOWN! Hot from the oven! So Knife Partys 3rd EP is here! 

So, the whole albums begins with “Power Glove, epic intro with reminding sounds “Bonfire” style (I talk about the distorted kicks and some synths). This track has a very nice build up, really. But the drop is was just predictable, the main Melody was expected. But wait, I could say its fixed by the later bars of hard Electro House. It wasnt the best song Ive ever heard, but its not bad either, just your tipical “EDM-fucked in the head” party hard song.

Ok with “LRAD” im very dissapointed. Starting with the way too tipical Electro House intro, with that … urgh… synth I really cant stand. And after the build up you expect something mega-EDM (lol), but guess what all you get is that ULTRA deep kick, with that side synth with 100%dry/wet on reverb. Something you wouldnt expect from these guys. (Im not seeing changes/being different, is a bad thing) After minute 3:00 its just the same story, with a differente drum pattern. Not good Rob and Gareth (is that right? Gareth with “h”?)

"EDM Death Machine" , provocative vocals at the beginning with a promising beat. If you ask me, this is song really stands out. Its just different! Makes you go “Oh yeah, Knife Party keeping it fresh!” SAY HELLO TO THE ROBOT. Well that fatty background synth makes it alone, total fatness in sound. Pendulum Knife Party at its best! The breaks really made me get up and run into a wall. And what! Adding that “Sandstorm" synth on top! You gotta be kidding me, thats fresh for real in the "EDM" scene (rofl). This song wont bore you at any time, its has a very good progression, and make you stand up and go dance. (Like you never did, cause it was just too Mainstream.)

I wont comment on Internet “Friends (VIP)”. Just listening it, and you will see/hear why. This one makes the EP have 3,5 songs instead of 4. Just a rearrangement (haters gonna hate, except that 3:15 part)


If you are a die-hard Ultra Music Festival fan, than you may love it! If you arent, there isnt much reason to hate, you may like 1 or 2 in here. The EP is filled with energy and Knife Partys go rave vibe.

The oracle gives the EP 5/10 (Not bad). Not bad, but not the best EP that has ever came out, there are different Electro House flavours. You may like some of them, at least 1!  

Weed Song: EDM Death Machine

A lot of variation for this kind of music, yah yah good good!

Album Cover: 4/10. Nothing special. Only good thing may be the face/logo mix. ( I see what you did there…), but the rest.. what else would you want apart from the EPs name and the “Bands” Name. Well there is tons of shit stuff you could add, but seems that EPs dont need to be Da Vincis artworks.

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Thoughts on Tycho’s Past is Prologue


I KNOW ITS BEEN 9 YEARS! But I couldnt help myself… I just have to say something about this one. Ill take about the best Tunes album (Warning, my opinion here)


Ok, so Tycho is a Ambient Music producers, so lets calm down a bit first.. The album begins with “From Home”, I would call this Ambient Breaks, cause I think it fits very well playing Pads + Long stretch vocal + Deeeeeep Breaks! This song has a very nice use of stereo imaging and it makes you go trippin without any of the stuff you get offered randomly on the street… Being this my first album that Ive ever heard of Tycho, I can already tell he knows how to play keyboards / piano / whatever, there are some nices improvisations on the ambient breaks.

Our next song “Sunrise Projector”.. This songs makes you just feel like a badass mofo, but chilled. Very deep bassline that goes very very well with the epiano melody. This one has its break more cutted/sliced than “From Home”, and sadly the songs feels just too short comparing it with the one you just heard…

A Circular Reeducation" feels like the typical song you would trip with.  The crunchy melody at the beginning (sounding like a hard variation of the similar sound used in "Cloud Generator” and the background noisy “I dont get it” voices make a wonderfull combo creating a reaaaally chilled ambient mood. This one is loungeee!

Woow, now If you like listening to very very broken beats almost like in a pattern of IDM then you should have a listen to this one. “Past is Prologue”. The drum editing is great and back once again our e-piano sounding synth (or just e-piano, now im confused) does the rest laying on the heavy bassline.

The best remix on the album goes to “Sunrise Projector (Nautilis Remix)”. The long intro wont make you say “Oh come on already!”, There is just enough to analyse, the way the vocals get twisted, or am I wrong there? The main melody wont vary so much from the original, I would say the main difference is the synth added plus the electrical drums.. No much more to ask, its very experimental.

"Dictaphone’s Lament", is it possible to introduce the drums in a better softer way? Definitly the weed song!


Tycho may be veeery influenced by Boards of Canada, do you really care? Arent there 1000 of musicians who got so much influence from others that it kinda sounds like they were trying to copy them? Tycho did a good job, trying or not trying to recreate BOCs style.

 If you like to experiment with delays, strange vocals and reverbs, then check it out! Besides the chilling melodies will keep you down for sure. The whole album keeps its very similar in styles, and in sounds. (Main variations on the drums). After you hear it, it will make you say “What? 100.000 fans on facebook?” or  ”Hey this is Hipster music right?”. 

I give the album a rating of  7/10. ( Very good). A lot of catchy nostalgic melodies will make you fall in love with the album. Very good mastering, everything clean! No problem there! 

Weed Song: Dictaphone’s Lament

Album Cover : 7/10 Very good aswell, but Im still trying to get it.